Frequently Asked Questions

How long after starting to use the Snorewizard does it take effect?

The effect is instant although it may take a few days to get used to it.

Does it need fitting?

The Snorewizard is ready to use and, unlike many other devices, does not need any fitting.

Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing the Snorewizard?

Yes. The Snorewizard does have a breathing hole so it will not change the way you breathe at night.

Can I use the Snorewizard with dentures?

As long as you wear them at night it will not be a problem.

Could I swallow it?

No. Mandibular advancement devices like this have been used for many years and it’s the first thing a sleep specialist will advise for snoring and it’s very safe.

Will it help with teeth grinding?


What guarantees do I have that the Snorewizard works?

The sleep clinics recommend the use of the Snorewizard. However anytime within 30 days of your purchase you can return it for a full refund if you find it isn’t working for you. See our money back guarantee for more details.

Why should I choose the Snorewizard over other mandibular advancement devices?

It is a ready to use mandibular advancement device recommended by Sleep Clinics backed with a money back guarantee.

How long will my Snorewizard last?

This does depend on how often you use it but it should last a year. It comes with a one year guarantee.

What material is the Snorewizard made from and is it safe/medically approved?

It is made from a soft feel "food grade plastic" free of latex. It is safe and recommended by the sleep clinics.

How do I clean my Snorewizard?

Just run it under your tap in the same way as you would with your toothbrush.