About SnoreWizard

SnoreWizard is a product of Fast Systems Ltd, a specialist marketing business in Oxfordshire established in 1983. We have been selling the SnoreWizard for over 5 years. Originally we were approached by the inventor who had such a significant snoring problem that he made his own prototype mouthpiece to try to overcome it. After two years development and testing the SnoreWizard was created.

SnoreWizard was the first UK snoring mouthpiece to be recommended by NHS Sleep Clinics. It has been approved by Professor Stradling MD FRCP (Professor of Respiratory Medicine & Consultant physician, University of Oxford & Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust) and is the only snoring mouthpiece with proven claims that have been agreed by advertising regulators.

We are now looking into expanding our range of snoring 'solutions' and we have recently introduced The Goodnight Pillow which has been designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and is also manufactured in the UK.